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In the Waiting (post by Noah)

           Waiting can be a major part of our lives. Waiting on other people, waiting in line, waiting for the computer to start up, waiting to hear back from someone, waiting to get an answer on something. Waiting is a part of everyday life. Yet, many of us would describe our lives as “busy”. We are “busy” running from one thing to the other. “Busy” at work, “busy” at school, etc.,etc.
            Yet, even in our busyness, we find ourselves waiting! What an interesting reality. You may rush to get the kids ready for school, but then wait in line to drop them off. You may rush to get to work on time, but wait for that meeting which is running late.

            For me, I find it difficult to adjust to the rhythms of life sometimes. I want to either be busy, or to know that I have to wait – I don’t want to feel like I’m doing both! Yet, as Mel and I are preparing for a life lived in another country, I realize that waiting will become more of the norm. Things that we’re not used to waiting for, we’ll have to learn to wait for – like the start of church, and the times of appointments.

            In these times of learning how to wait, we’ll also be aware of our own busyness – the busyness of constantly trying to master the language, learning how to get groceries and pay bills, developing relationships with nationals, setting ministry goals and working to accomplish them, and family life.

            It seems that busyness and waiting will be existing side by side for the foreseeable future. Rather than denying or trying to avoid this reality, we will be better served by adjusting to the flexible nature of life. Learning how to go with the flow indefinitely, and also how to get things done that need to get done in a timely manner.

            I want to learn how to wait well and to learn how to be busy well, all by the grace of God. Just some thoughts on this road of obedience to God!


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