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Itineration: Between the Tensions (written by Noah)

God is Good!! We just finished our 3 rd  service of itineration and it went incredibly! We are 3 for 3 – meaning we visited 3 churches so far and all 3 are supporting us!  Itineration is a unique phenomenon, there’s really nothing quite like it. It’s part traveling evangelist, part fundraising, part small business promotion, and I’m sure there are other parts that I’m not thinking of at the moment!  Emotions play a role in adjusting to new circumstances – there’s something about the fact that if you haven’t done something before, you feel a little nervous. I’m not sure why because if you take the different parts of itineration, they are familiar to me and to us, but put together as a whole they form a different reality that can be intimidating.  I generally try to downplay my nerves and anxieties and attempt to stand on certain truths that give me confidence. For example, I know that God is our provider. Therefore, I should never be nervous or concerned about raising f