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I still can't believe I'm sitting here writing our first blog post on our first website for our first missionary term.  I can remember a time when I thought this season would never get here soon enough!   As mentioned in our "about us" section, Noah and I both have felt a desire and calling to become missionaries since a very young age.  It was something that continued to resound in our lives and beat in our chest no matter what season of life we were in.  There were many years for me specifically that were filled with frustration as I maneuvered and pursued this calling, but to "no avail".  Or so I thought.   Isn't it funny how we say we trust God with our whole lives, yet we live not trusting the details in which that life is being formed?  I wasted a lot of time thinking I was wasting time.  Fortunately God is God and I am not (I think we can all be thankful for that for MANY different reasons), and He really did have an ultimate plan.