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A Slap in the Face: It's What's for Dinner

I have this awful habit of making a LOT of New Years Resolutions, which I really have no intention on keeping.  When people start lamenting about New Years goals and how lame they are, I start to fidget in my seat.  I have to fight every urge to blurt out how I've been planning them since the 4th of July.  (we can exaggerate in blogs, right? Isn't that a thing? Like, LITERALLY.  No one actually means literally when they say literally).  I know full well that these resolutions are kind of pointless, but I genuinely hope that one morning I'll just wake up a new person and start doing them. Well, one of those goals was to start blogging once a week.  Bummer. 
Anyway.  I read something the other day that completely slapped me in the face: "It is a positive crime to be weak in God's strength" -Oswald Chambers-  For the past 5 months, Noah and I have been fostering a baby boy, who we affectionately call "Tub" (short for Tub of Chub.  of cou