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An Abundance of Joy

Joy.   My word for 2016 was joy.   God has an odd sense of humor sometimes… Little did I know all that I didn’t know about the meaning of joy.   At the time that I chose this word we were fostering   our 4 month old boy (“K-man”) who had very quickly stolen our hearts.   As most of you know, we had already fostered 2 children prior to K-man, and my heart had never been in such a raw place. By the time the New Year came around, we pretty much knew that K-man would be reunited with his biological family, but that didn’t stop us from loving him fiercely.   By the time he was removed from our home to be with his family he was 8 months old.   In the grand scheme of things 8 months can seem pithy.   But those were some of the fullest, yet challenging months I’d have ever experienced. You never think that you’ll be the girl who can’t get pregnant.   At least I didn’t.   I was always babysitting and dreaming of opening orphanages so I could take in all the forgotten babies in the