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In the Waiting (post by Noah)

           Waiting can be a major part of our lives. Waiting on other people, waiting in line, waiting for the computer to start up, waiting to hear back from someone, waiting to get an answer on something. Waiting is a part of everyday life. Yet, many of us would describe our lives as “busy”. We are “busy” running from one thing to the other. “Busy” at work, “busy” at school, etc.,etc.                          Yet, even in our busyness, we find ourselves waiting! What an interesting reality. You may rush to get the kids ready for school, but then wait in line to drop them off. You may rush to get to work on time, but wait for that meeting which is running late.             For me, I find it difficult to adjust to the rhythms of life sometimes. I want to either be busy, or to know that I have to wait – I don’t want to feel like I’m doing both! Yet, as Mel and I are preparing for a life lived in another country, I realize that waiting will become more of the norm. Things that w